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Text by Leonardo Sciascia (Corriere della Sera - luglio 1986)

Born in Siracusa in 1938, Tranchino has never been away except for very short periods, to attend his exhibitions or to see those of other artists whom he find congenial, in Italy and abroad.

Gaetano Tranchino nel suo studio a Siracusa

 I believe his longest stay away was in Paris, to learn the technique of aquafortis, a means of expression that increasingly attracts him (and we should also note, in the last few years, the greater intensity of his drawing, a stronger element of design in his painting).

Gaetano Tranchino and Ferdinando Scianna (Bagheria, 1985)

 Oeininger said that you can be born and you can die, but you cannot live, in Siracusa. He was thinking, perhaps, of Platen, who went to die there.

I cinque della medaglia

But Tranchino not only lives there serenely, but relives its distant myths (which at times appear as  “citations” of De Chirico, of Savinio)  and those of childhood: between the sea and the countryside, in the exhumed splendour of an incomparable civilization.

Translated by Peter Glendening

(Photo: Daniele Aliffi)



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